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A Prayer of Invocation for the Inauguration of Michael Sorriano as Mayor of Parsippany

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A Prayer of Invocation for the Inauguration of Michael Sorriano as Mayor of Parsippany

Michael Takes Oath

O God of grace and wondrous creativity,

We thank you for this day, and for the gift of life lived in community, and in particular for the gift of our common life here in Parsippany.   Thank you for the rich diversity with which you have blessed us.  Allow us to be a shining example to our troubled country of how people from varied races, religions, political views — and every other way we distinguish ourselves — can come together for the common good.

We thank you for the vision you have cast in this world through the great spiritual traditions – one in which every human being is recognized as possessing inherent value, worthy of care and compassion – a vision that calls us to acknowledge that at the deepest level, beyond all our differences, we are knit together by a common thread — that we are put here to love one another as you have loved us.

Before you we would also acknowledge the paradox of our human nature — that within each of us there is both the capacity for great good — for creativity and love — as well as the capacity for evil — for destruction and self-centeredness.  On this day of new beginnings, we would ask for your Spirit to call forth our “better angels.”

We would ask your blessing upon Michael Soriano as he would embrace the challenge of leading our community.  Grant him a spirit of wisdom, of courage and of humility as he would strive to overcome the divisions that separate us.  Save him from the intoxications and vanities of power.

Bless also his wife Jennifer and daughter Eleanor who are essential in keeping Michael grounded.  In the midst of the many demands upon Michael’s time that come with being our mayor help him to make time to joyfully embrace his roles of husband and father.   May his spirit be nourished by the time he spends with those most precious to him.

We thank you for all those who have come before Michael in holding this office and for the good they have done.

This day we would also ask your blessing upon Janice and Emily as they take on their duties as council members and upon each returning council member that they may work together for the sake of our community.  Bless each of us that we may be good citizens who embrace the gift of democracy.   Help us to hold one another accountable to be our best selves. Grant us also a spirit of gentleness to recognized our common frailty and the capacity to learn from our mistakes, that our community may thrive.

We ask this in the name of all that is good and holy.   Amen.

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