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There is always room in the circle.



In a hostile, hurting world, we reach out to share kindness and laughter. 

Our spirituality is based on JESUS and His love and compassion. 

We provide a community of support and healing where all are welcomed and valued

regardless of age, sexual orientation, disability, gender, or economic status. 

In a world where people feel they can love only those who are like themselves,

we seek to celebrate the uniqueness of every human being.


"Beyond the Veil"

An original Christmas play, written and directed by Pastor Jeff Edwards


Friday December 9th @ 7:30 pm

Saturday December 10th @ 7:30 pm

Sunday December 11th @ 6:30 pm

In the midst of the culture’s increasingly frantic and commercialized version of what this season of the year of is all about,

we invite you to come and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Be ready to laugh and to cry and to come away deeply inspired,

having caught a glimpse “beyond the veil” of the true meaning of Christmas, and of life itself.



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 Pastor Jeff's Sermons


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And, when he gets around to it, his other bloggings. 

You'll also find selected writings by other members of our church community here as well.


Photo Gallery


You Belong Here


Look our church's online photo album, filled with pictures from special moments in the life of our church.

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